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Why? Because music brings comfort in challenging times.

By telling their stories, Araceli, David, Libby, Taryn, and Shelly will help others facing a cancer diagnosis feel less alone. Help us share their songs with the Tri-Cities community and beyond.

$20 - Sponsor a studio snack.

Or should we call it a Scooby Snack? We can't let the musicians go hungry in the studio. They are much more creative when they have full bellies.

$60 - Sponsor one hour of studio time.

Each song will take about 10 hours of studio time between recording, mixing and mastering. Every hour counts.

$120 - Sponsor two hours of studio time.

Double your impact and sponsor 2 hours of studio time.

$300 - Sponsor five hours of studio time.

We'll be halfway to one song with a donation at this level.

$600 - Sponsor ten hours of studio time.

Help us finish a whole song! Wow. 

$1,000 - Sponsor the studio musicians.

This project supports local Tri-Cities musicians who have been hit hard by COVID. They lend their talent and expertise (we need that epic guitar solo!) and we pay them fairly.

Would your business like to be a sponsor?

We love our small-business and corporate sponsors. For this project, we are looking for 6 sponsors. Your business can choose to sponsor one of the five songs ($500) or the entire digital album ($2500). 

Meet the Participants

To read their bios, meet the songwriters, and learn more about the project, click here.

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