We Are the World

“There’s a choice we’re making. We’re saving our own lives.” - Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie

Every time I listen to this song and watch the video, it makes me cry. I don’t cry easily

but there is something so powerful about all these superstars coming together in one space that makes it hard to hold back the emotion. Music becomes the tool for mobilizing resources worldwide. I chose the song (and the documentary) for We Are the World this week because it speaks to the power of choice.

The lyrics say, “There’s a choice we’re making. We’re saving our own lives.” This is about the choice to see events happening in another part of the world when we could just as easily ignore them. The lyrics are about interconnectedness.

We are all one. When we choose to see that someone else’s suffering is our own, we can ease our own suffering. When we ignore suffering, it becomes insurmountable. It is the monster under the bed. It is larger than life. However, if we can face it directly and work together to solve it, it becomes manageable. We are not alone. We see that everyone suffers and we all take turns providing comfort in different ways.

We can #MakeaChoice to see that, in suffering, its opposite also exists.

Some of our most beautiful and cathartic moments come from suffering. We make deeper connections, we see the world differently, we band together and see each other as fellow human beings instead of strangers.

Here is the documentary about the making of the song:

It continues to amaze me that this list of people found the time to be together in one space to create a song for those with less power and resources than themselves.


Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie


Quincy Jones


Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, James Ingram, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Willie Nelson, Al Jarreau, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Perry, Daryl Hall, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Kim Carnes, Bob Dylan, and Ray Charles.


Dan Aykroyd, Harry Belafonte, Lindsey Buckingham, Mario Cipollina, Johnny Colla, Sheila E., Bob Geldof, Bill Gibson, Chris Hayes, Sean Hopper, Jackie Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Randy Jackson, Tito Jackson, Waylon Jennings, Bette Midler, John Oates, Jeffrey Osborne, The Pointer Sisters, and Smokey Robinson.


David Paich (synthesizers), Michael Boddicker (synthesizers, programming), Paulinho da Costa (percussion), Phil Collins (percussion), Louis Johnson (synth bass), Michael Omartian (keyboards), Greg Phillinganes (keyboards), John Robinson (drums).

Please share, ask questions, leave comments, suggest topics, and tell stories! I want to hear about your moments of magic, miracles, and synchronicity.

Dare to be immortal.


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