Perfect Helpers and Healers

As a helping professional, you come face to face with human suffering on a daily basis. The injustices you see may be overwhelming in one instance or they may add up over time. How is it possible to #SeePerfection in such circumstances?

Many of us went into helping professions in order to set things right. To ease the suffering of people in the moment. To make big changes to policy that will help a lot of people. To respond in a crisis because somebody has to. But what are the limits of our abilities? How do we set ourselves up for failure in a quest for perfection? We cannot save everyone and some days, despite our best efforts, people will not want our help.

Perfectionism is fear; seeing perfection is love.

Seeing perfection may sound like a Pollyanna concept like looking on the bright side. It may seem to oversimplify sadness, grief, trauma, horrendous acts of violence, or a body ravaged by cancer. But it’s not really about the bright side; it’s more about reality. We, as helpers and healers, cannot change what has already happened to someone. We cannot do the work of recovering from trauma. We can only be there to guide, to witness, and to provide comfort. We can step back from our work and choose to see that our presence for someone’s suffering is perfection. If a terrible event had never occurred we would miss out on meeting some of the most important teachers in our lives — our clients and patients.

Without our own challenges, our own traumas, our own illnesses, we may be deprived of the greatest lessons we will ever learn. We may have missed the chance to find our calling to help others through the same challenges we faced. It is impossible to answer all the questions about “why” something happened, but it is possible to step back and see the gifts that even the most difficult situations present to us.

Perfection does not require triumph, it simply requires living life as well as you know how.

  • Connecting with another human being is perfection.

  • Surrender is perfection.

  • Fighting for life is perfection.

  • Listening is perfection.

  • Answering a crisis line is perfection.

  • Cleaning up bodily fluids is perfection.

  • Giving CPR is perfection.

And the list goes on. Thank you for being your perfectly imperfect helping self. We need you.

Please share, ask questions, leave comments, suggest topics, and tell stories! I want to hear about your moments of magic, miracles, and synchronicity.

Dare to be immortal.


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