Have you witnessed something miraculous?

The "Questions Over Coffee" series is designed to instigate interesting conversation, especially for individuals, loved ones, and caregivers coping with illness. The questions can also be used to connect with healthy loved ones, friends, clients, strangers and ourselves. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and start talking . . .

This story is short and sweet. The night Grandma Jan died, I went to be with my mom after she got the call. My mom lives in the woods on a small mountain in Montana, overlooking the beautiful Flathead Valley. October 12, 2012, was a clear night and I could see millions of stars. I pulled up to my mom’s house, got out of my car, and looked up at the sky in awe and accidental prayer. Just as I took a deep breath of crisp, cool mountain air, I saw one shooting star. I knew Grandma Jan was free and happy and that she wanted me to tell my mom everything would be okay.

Please share, ask questions, leave comments, suggest topics, and tell stories! I want to hear about your moments of magic, miracles, and synchronicity.

Dare to be immortal.


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