Favorite Childhood Story?

The "Questions Over Coffee" series is designed to instigate interesting conversation, especially for individuals, loved ones, and caregivers coping with illness. The questions can also be used to connect with healthy loved ones, friends, clients, strangers and ourselves. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and start talking . . .

As I ponder my own question, I realize it could be asking two different things. The question could be asking about a book someone read to you when you were a child (or a story they told you). It could also be asking you to tell a story about your own life as a child. Both questions are hard because there are so many choices!

One of my favorite books as a child was Sweet Dreams for Sally: A Tale from the Care Bears. In fact, I just pulled it off my shelf. I opened it to find that it was given to me by my aunt Cheri when I was 2 years old. It is a story about a little girl who is afraid to go to sleep. Because she doesn't sleep well, it affects her whole life. Grumpy Bear and Bedtime Bear help her to know that going to sleep isn't so scary after all.

The story about my childhood that came to mind first was the time I went fishing in the puddles with my friend Melissa. I grew up in a neighborhood lined with giant maple and chestnut trees and an eclectic mix of houses. It was safe for kids to run around outside and play by themselves. In fact, it still is. Melissa and I were probably about 8 or 9 years old and it was a rainy afternoon in the fall. The maple leaves were turning orange and falling. So were the chestnuts. We decided to get creative. We found a couple of sticks, some yarn, some masking tape, and some chestnuts and created some fishing poles. We sat on the side of the boulevard and tried to catch some fish. I'm sure we were very patient and I'm also sure we caught many imaginary fish. We definitely made some adults look twice - I can still see the face of a man driving by who was confused and delighted to see what we were doing.

Please share, ask questions, leave comments, suggest topics, and tell stories! I want to hear about your moments of magic, miracles, and synchronicity.

Dare to be immortal.


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