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If you found your way to this album, there is a good chance your life has been affected by breast cancer or another major illness. We made this music for the women who shared their stories & we made this music for you. We know that the healthcare landscape can be overwhelming & that facing a major illness is often isolating & disheartening. But we also know that in these challenging times, wisdom is gained. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a song. Music helps us sort out complex emotions when words are inadequate. Music helps us access joy, anger, sadness & peace. Music helps us surrender to the madness & beauty of life. We hope that this music provides comfort & inspiration during your most trying times. We also hope you will rock out to it when you are feeling great. We hope you will share it with those who are newly diagnosed & we hope you will give it to families who are faced with losing a loved one. Mostly, thank you for listening.

Paint Them All In Gold

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Thank you to those who told their stories.

We could not have done this without Lee Griffin, Andrea Cameron, Maureen Ann Cadell, Julie Grimm, and Arlisa Houston.

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