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Illness can be overwhelming and disheartening. It changes our relationship with ourselves and those we love. But underneath illness is a light inside each of us that never goes out.

This is your music and we can hear it.

Our songwriters will help you hear it too. We pair songwriters with people who are coping with illness or have lost someone. We share the gift of songwriting with those who cannot write their own song. Through the songwriting process, we help you reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

There are 2 ways to #FindYourSong.


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A special album is a collection of songs curated by our team. This is for people who want to share their story with the world. Spots are limited but albums are fully funded by our caring donors and corporate sponsors.

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Invest in a song for yourself or someone you love.

We can pair you with a songwriter to help you #FindYourSong. Contact us to find out about the process.

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Your donations help us write more songs for more people coping with illness and grief.

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