For breast cancer survivors and anyone coping with illness or grief.

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Meet the songwriters and participants.

Songwriters + Participants

We have paired 5 breast cancer survivors with 5 different songwriters. Here is a little more information about each of them. Please follow along with the songwriting process on our social media channels.

Cara Alboucq Photo.jpg


Cara Alboucq

Cara is a singer-songwriter hailing from the Pacific Northwest. She spent some years in Northern Arizona, inspired by the magic of the desert. When she’s not playing her guitar and writing songs, you can find her hiking with her dog Joni (named after Ms. Mitchell of course!).



Julie Grimm

Before she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Julie survived a brain tumor. During these trials, Julie relied on her planner to get through the treatments and the emotional roller coaster. She started Ready For Recovery Cancer Treatment Planners to help others.

Brett Holmquist Photo.jpg


Brett Holmquist

Brett's been singing and writing songs his entire life. Drawing inspiration from country and folk music, Brett's songwriting creates emotive landscapes reflective of Montana sunsets, wild waters, and the tough, honest, and loving people of Big Sky country.

AHouston Photo.jpg


Arlisa Houston

Arlisa was a yoga teacher, healer, and amazing mom. She called Montana home and encouraged others going through breast cancer to take the time and space necessary to hear their own inner wisdom. Arlisa spoke of breast cancer as a teacher and a gift. But for us, Arlisa was the teacher and the gift.


Arlisa passed away on October 29, 2019. We are forever grateful that she shared her story with us. 

Nikki Wilkins Photo.jpg


Lio Nicol

Lio Nicol is a songwriter and artist who grew up playing sports, being crafty and singing in the closet, too shy to really bust out in song for the first 20 years of her life. She has always loved poetry and music and now she does those things in L.A. where she currently works, writes, sings and plays.

ACameron Photo.jpg


Andrea Cameron

Andrea is a three-time breast cancer survivor who now advocates strongly for other survivors and for breast cancer awareness.  She agreed to participate because she received a lot of help from her family and other survivors, and she wants to pay it forward.

Halladay Quist Photo.jpg


Halladay Quist

The daughter of a famous Montana musician, Halladay was born with music in her blood. On the road with her renowned musical family, she used those experiences to develop her distinctive songwriting voice and unique musical talents.



Maureen Ann Cadell

Maureen is a bass-playing, dog-loving, two-time breast cancer survivor. Maureen lives in Columbia Falls, MT and has chosen to go through the songwriting process with us because it's a good cause and she is a survivor.



Jamie Wyman

Jamie is an indie folk singer-songwriter and speaker. After earning her law degree and weaving her way through nonprofit and government anti-violence work, Jamie joined her first band and started down a path that made music a bigger part of her life. Jamie is the founder of The Great Blue Song Project.

LGriffin Photo.jpg


Lee Griffin

Lee is a breast cancer survivor who has worked in the field of child protection for almost 30 years. She was the first survivor to participate in the project and agreed to do it if sharing her experience would help someone else.

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If your life has been affected by breast cancer, we want to hear your story. When The Great Blue Song Project sets out to create an album, we also aim to build community, to connect family and friends, to decrease loneliness and isolation, to paint a picture of the many paths we can take to cope with illness and grief.

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We are sorry to announce that all spots have been filled for this album. If you would like to invest in a song for yourself or someone you love, please contact us to discuss our current fees and find out more about the process.

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